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Jr. Boy Fin

Jr. Boy Fin

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JR. Boy Fin
The whole concept behind the jr. boy fin was to create a fin that was going to loosen up your longboard without giving up it’s driving & nose riding capabilities. To achieve this, I reduced the height & base of the original template & then added rake & a thinned out tip. This now compensates for the loss in area, giving the fin the ability to drive & nose ride; yet be looser than the original template.

Aloha Kanoa D.

Fin Recommendations:
7.0’’- 2+1 longboard 9’6’’ or shorter.
Surfer weight: 165lbs or less.

8.0’’- 2+1 longboard 9.’4’’ & up.
Surfer weight: 190lbs plus.

***Also great for all size fun-boards.